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What's a sequencer or lesson builder?
This course builder, referred to as "Sequencer," is a project aimed at providing teachers and principals with the flexibility to construct curricula tailored to specific grades. Unlike other tools, it boasts access to a content-rich database from various reputable providers, catering to students of all ages and meeting the standards set by educational districts.
In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic and Covid-19, the education industry underwent a digital transformation, challenging the resistance to change prevalent in many institutions still relying on traditional course planning methods (such as paper and pencil).
In light of these changes, the product team embraced the idea of creating a "Course Builder" with diverse functionalities to enhance teachers' experiences in curriculum planning. The project adhered to the "User-Centered Design" methodology, involving interviews with teachers and school principals, usability tests, and exploration of features beneficial to users, including accessibility considerations.
Some key point for research
During interviews, participants were asked questions such as:
What do you anticipate if you perform this action?
Would you integrate this tool into your daily routine?
What tools are currently in use for similar tasks?
How much time do you estimate using this platform would save you?
The interviews also covered points like the platform's utility and elicited ratings on a scale from 1 to 5. Some interviews were unmoderated to gather feedback without guiding users through the prototype.
Based on the research findings, the team initiated "design explorations" from a desktop perspective, as it is the most commonly used device on the platform and where users reported spending the majority of their time. This process was carried out within the framework of a "Design System" for consistency and efficiency in development. To ensure reliable results, tests included transitions between screens, content, titles, and colors (as an accessibility test). Animations were incorporated for essential elements not covered by the design system, necessitating the creation of new components to deliver a novel user experience.
The culmination of this comprehensive approach to design and development resulted in a highly successful product. By integrating the insights gathered from interviews, usability tests, and design explorations, the "Sequencer" Course Builder not only met but exceeded the expectations of teachers and principals. The platform's user-friendly functionalities, aligned with the needs identified through user-centered design, have proven instrumental in optimizing the speed and efficiency of educational institutions. The positive outcomes include streamlined curriculum planning, significant time savings for educators, and an overall enhancement of the educational experience. This success underscores the value of embracing innovative solutions in response to evolving challenges, marking a transformative milestone in the realm of digital education.

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